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We at PC Health Line take pride in servicing our customers and pledge to deliver the best online Technical Support experience to our valued customers.

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You should NEVER give remote access of your computing device or computer to anyone. In case you receive any call requesting remote access, call us immediately on our Toll Free Number, 1-855-763-0462 and speak to Swati or Rupesh who represent our Fraud Reporting Department, between 9am to 9pm Eastern Time.

Welcome To PC Health Line

PC Health Line is a leading Software Services Provider. PC Health Line provides software based support services for all types of issues related to computer, windows, internet connectivity, memory management, registry, internet security software and many more. Our teams of certified experts also fix all sorts of errors related to peripheral devices attached to computers/laptops be it scanners, printers, etc.

We also provide the best solutions for all sort of problem related to your printers, laptops, scanners, and all other computer peripherals. PC Health Line provides you best remote support just by using your broadband connection right from the comfort of your home.

We are authorized re-sellers for almost all leading Anti Virus products and have our own line of PC Optimization softwares, our latest offering is Secure PC Optimizer

Our Customer's Testimonials

  • i know there was some major issues with my laptop and was told about fifty minutes for this to be resolved but took five hours, happy its done now though .
    Mr Benjamin J Williams   05/31/2015 16:44
  • Problem sorted, very happy thanks.
    M C Jones   05/31/2015 15:43
  • Thanks so much I'm really happy...God bless you..
    Rosa C Villalta   05/31/2015 14:35
  • very helpful and efficient staff.
    Mr R Lawrence   05/31/2015 14:31
    Jessalee Mendenhall   05/31/2015 12:44
  • Technical Support's work was outstanding. Thank you..
    Gabriela I Alden   05/31/2015 00:35
  • just want to thank jack there were a lot of problems for him to sort and everything is good now.
    vicky morin   05/30/2015 17:10
  • I appreciated the tenacity of Jason.
    Denis Forget   05/30/2015 16:53
  • very happy to work with you, thanks, Monica Gergen.
    Monica M   05/30/2015 16:13
  • Although it took a long time it changed my jammed computer into a properly functioning one after a single session. Many thanks Mike! In the scary world of internet scams it is a pleasure to use a customer oriented service..
    DR ANDREW HODGES   05/30/2015 16:05